Ceasefire Violations – Cheating is Pakistan’s old habit and once again Pakistan has done the same thing. On Sunday morning, Pakistani troops fired continuously on the border from the side of the border. Four Pakistani soldiers have been martyred in this fatal shooting in Pakistan, including one Captain. In Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan opened its mouths in the Bhimber street, and the jawans of India were martyred from the neighboring country.

The whole story of the attack …

In the Bhambar Gali sector of Rajouri district, Pakistan broke the ceasefire with heavy firing at around 3.30 in the evening. In addition to the Bhimbar street, Pakistan also made a mortar in Rajouri’s Manjakot sector. Pakistan invaded the LoC continuously and started launching anti-guided missiles.

Captain Kapil Kundu of the Army, Hav Roshal Lal, Rifleman Shubham Singh and Rifleman Ram Avtar were martyred in the firing started. Apart from this two army personnel have also been injured, whose condition is being delicate. Let us tell you that Brave Captain Kapil Kundu of the army was only 23 years old, who had a birthday on February 10.

Pakistan’s bluff was visible from the LoC on Sunday morning. First of all, heavy firing was carried out on the post of Indian Army in Shahpur, Poonch district adjacent to the Line of Control. Villagers settled in Shahpur also do not know which bullet and which shells squeezed their body.

Jawans are constantly being martyred

Pakistan violated seize fire in more than 860 times in 2017, while in 2018 only the seizure has broken more than 160 times.

Let me tell you that in 2014, 51 jawans were killed while 110 terrorists were killed. In 2015 41 soldiers died and 113 terrorists were stacked.

In 2016, the security forces killed 88 soldiers, but the game of 165 terrorists was also completed. In the year 2017, 83 soldiers received martyrdom while 218 terrorists were killed in Operation All Out. In 2018, 8 soldiers, including the captain of the army, have been martyred till 4 February, but 10 sleepers have already been killed.

How long is Pakistan’s cowardice

In violation of Pakistan’s latest siege fire, India has lost its 4th jaw. However, as always, the Indian army has also destroyed many check posts of the Pakistan army, but the question is that after all, our soldiers will be killed in Pakistan’s pistol. After all, we will just write here and show that India Counter-answer to Pakistan while reversing.

Yes, Pakistan has been completely unarmed on the outskirts, and now the time has come when Hindustan will have to give an answer that the feudal neighbors of the West will forsake their nefarious movements forever. Pakistan is constantly showing its cowardice and the Indian jawans are aiming at hiding every time.

Let us tell you that 17 people, including nine soldiers, have died in this ceasefire violation in this sector this year and 70 people have been injured.

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