In UP’s Rae Bareli, 22 people have died due to the boiler eruption of NTPC plant, while more than 200 are being injured. Those who saw this accident in front of their eyes are still unable to forget that horrific form.

At the time of the accident, Arvind, who was present near the plant, told that the blast had been blown in the plant by the steam pipes burst. Thereby raising the fire of ashes and flames of fire. Gabbar raised 25-30 feet high.

At the same time, Radhey Shyam told that after the explosion, many workers working near the pipes got screwed. After this, the blast did not fall into the ground, the warm ash lit on the body. There was a scream in every direction.
Shankar, who was working in the plant, told that after the blast several bodies of people were lying in place. We ran away from the bodies to save lives. Many people hid behind the machine of the plant.

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