A smartphone is everything — it might be “one of your most precious possessions, a statement of who you are, and might be the place where you kept all your secrets. Despite the fact, some people ain’t care much of his/her smartphone or we do absurd things that can do serious damage to the smartphone.

Let’s get back to the point — What are the common mistakes we shouldn’t do while charging the smartphone?

As we know, eatables things would have the expiry date, the same for batteries as well. All batteries have the expiry date. Although, the way we use smartphone decides the longevity of smartphone’s battery. You know, the charging habits as well as the chargers we use also play a crucial role.

For instances, leaving the smartphone on charging in the whole night is sure to damage the battery’s performance in the long run. Furthermore, using a cheap charger is always dangerous, even for smartphone and the battery. So read on to look 5 common mistakes that we shouldn’t do while charging our smartphone.


1. DO NOT USE SMARTPHONE WHILE CONNECTED TO POWERBANK — Yes, it’s one of the issues. If we’re using a smartphone in this mode, then it will increase the internal temperatures and reduces the battery life.


2. DO NOT USE A CHEAP CHARGER — It matters a lot, as it doesn’t include safety mechanisms to secure the smartphone against fluctuation and overcharging.


3. DO NOT CHARGE THE SMARTPHONE WITH A PROTECTIVE CASE (OR WE SAY PHONE COVER) — It’s better to remove the protective case before charging the smartphone. We all know, it is quite natural for the battery to become slightly warm, but you know what, the phone cover might act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. Also if possible, then flip the phone over and put it on the finer cloth to protect the screen.


4. DO NOT LEAVE THE PHONE ON CHARGING THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT — Try not to charge throughout the night, overcharging the phone damages the battery health. If you continually do, might face the problem of battery’s performance in a long run.


5. DO NOT INSTALL THIRD-PARTY BATTERY APPS — If you’re wondering how: most of the apps can affect battery life negatively as it constantly runs in the background, and aggressively closes other apps; some apps might take over to lock screen to load ads and even strongly recommended apps that will further optimize the phone. So do not fall into the trap and avoid using third-parties apps!

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