Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of default messaging app for every Indian. You know — it boasts of over billion of users and offers some best features that WhatsApp enthusiasts love the most and stick to it.

However, some of us don’t know but there are some worthy rivals of WhatsApp, who offer superfluous features for messaging, while WhatsApp doesn’t offer or we can say, the features that WhatsApp’s lacks for messaging.

So scroll through to see 5 superfluous features that rivals have, but WhatsApp doesn’t have.


1. Incognito or Private Chat Mode — Yes, one of the most crucial features that people would love it — if it will be there in WhatsApp. As we all know, there are a few chats which we would like to keep private for people, but we can’t on WhatsApp, as it lacks the Incognito or Private Chat Mode.

2. Auto Reply Mode — The top-second in the list, the auto reply mode is quite useful when a person in a rush and have no time to type the whole matter. This “smart feature” present in rivals app such as Google Allo, Facebook Messenger etc.

3. Sharing Data up to 1 GB — WhatsApp another rival “Line” lets you share the data files of up to 1 GB, where WhatsApp in its recent update offers just 100 MB on Android and 120 MB on IOS phones. Hopefully, WhatsApp will adopt a feature like this soon, as it really matters a lot.

4. Poke Feature — Do you think people still “poke each other”? Seemingly, yes, most of the rivals app have the feature like this. The poke feature is usually used to draw the attention of a person, who you are chatting with.

5. GIF Selfie Mode — Move over selfies, now it’s quite common, even lots of smartphones sold on the selfie proposition. However, Google, in fact, one step ahead and launched a GIF selfie mode in its app “Allo”. And so far, WhatsApp hasn’t released its GIF selfie mode for users.

Those who don’t know about this — All new “GIF selfie mode” allow people to make GIFs by shooting short videos with the selfie camera of the smartphone. It an in-app feature, so it doesn’t need the third-party tools to work on.

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