Micha’s Surprise

Michael Reinhold, a German truck driver, spends most of his year on the road as most truck drivers do. In a tender and heart wrenching In an extraordinarily tender message to Santa, Michael’s daughter Tarja, wishes for her father on Christmas with an innocent devotion to spend more time with him. Love truly has no language (the ad is in German) and you will feel all warm and fuzzy watching it.



Best Coke Ever 

Everyone has a focal soft spot that makes them moist in the eyes. If you’re done in with bolt from the blue military family reunions, or pregnancy declarations, or an adopted child meeting his biological father for the first time, then you will love this ad. It’s an American dream ad, set about for the world to watch.

Magic Trick

A little kid, helped by his elder brother, left thinking of his superhuman instincts. Add So Happy Together by The Turtles as the background score. What you have the most magical Coke ad from Philippines. ‪#WishMoKayaKo.



This Christmas, #FollowYourHeart (#SigueTuCorazón)

What is it about Christmas and Coke? A Latino Christmas that is all about following your heart and making new friends, with support by a Coca Cola, of course.



Uma Ponte Para Noel (A Bridge for Santa)

Another masterpiece from South America, this Brazilian ad arrests the captivating story of a young boy and his village. The story is of how Santa forgot their story. Father finds a new wife. The boy meets Santa. The village meets Coca Cola. All’s well that ends well.


Coca-Cola Bow Bottle

Coke drinkers in England can now drink Coke in a bow bottle. Unique concept.






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