India is facing a tough time dealing with climate change and pollution and the country’s capital is in an even more worrisome condition with air quality decreasing with each passing day. With the Odd-Even scheme gripping Delhi’s roads in a desperate attempt to curb pollution in the city’s air, many people believe that the situation is already out of hand and are willing to relocate to cleaner spaces.

Here, we have a list of countries that are considered to be the cleanest countries in the world:

  1. Iceland

The country has the cleanest air in the world and that can be credited to the sparse population and immense green cover. The country is located in Northern Europe and has the least population density in Europe. The scenic beauty and the dense green cover make it a popular destination for vacations as well as shooting locations.


  1. Canada

The biggest country in the list and the second country with the cleanest air in the world, Canada shouldn’t come as a surprise. The country has a massive geographical variety which makes it home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The country makes it a point that the green cover and the fauna sheltered by it is unharmed with the use of strict environmental laws and policies.



  1. Finland

Located in northern Europe, Finland is a neighbour to Sweden and Norway. Despite similar geographical conditions, the country has much more cleaner air than its neighbouring countries. The dense forest cover helps the country to effectively tackle bad air quality.



  1. Brunei

Brunei is the only Asian country in the list. The country shares its border with Malaysia on the land. The country attained its freedom from the UK in 1984 and has still managed to climb the ladder of growth. It  is classified as a “developed” country and has seen immense industrial growth. Despite the growth in economy and rapid industrialisation, the country manages to be in this list because of the rich biodiversity.




  1. Estonia

Situated in Northern Europe, the country is on this list due to its expansive forests and a relatively smaller population within the borders. Just like most countries on this list, the country ranks high in the Human Development Index.



  1. Denmark

It is tagged as the world’s happiest country and the feeling can be very well be credited to the clean air people breathe in. Situated in Western Europe, the climate of the country facilitates a great variety of flora.




  1. New Zealand

Neighboring Australia, the country that was once a British colony has grown up to be a developed country. The sparse population and dense forest cover is the reason behind the country’s clean air.



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