In a yet again — another tragic incident of drowning. Around 8 people drowned after the boat gets “out of control” in a Vena Dam at Nagpur’s Kalameshwar tehsil, police said. Eight youngsters, who were gone for a trip to the Nagpur Dam, had drowned while taking selfies, police said.

Police officials said, 2 persons managed to swim to the shore.

Additionally, 8 of 11 were residents of Nagpur and were in the age group of 20-25 years.

An official said while taking selfies, some of the youngsters were allegedly moving around, shifting their positions and where one person was giving different poses, which might have caused the boat to rock and gets “out of control”.

Two youngsters and the boatman managed himself to swim to the shore. Two bodies have been recovered on this Monday morning and still searching for other victims who were drowned.

At the time, when a person saw the boat sinking then he informed the police control room, in which, the following rescue operation has started at the Vena Lake, which is one of the popular picnic spots around 22-23 km on the outskirts of Nagpur, police officials said.

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