Expressing feelings for a person is an art too and there is a way to do it.
Shying away from expressing deep feelings for someone you love is always avoidable. If you are an introvert, you need to really pull your socks and walk that extra mile to say it all on what you feel about your love. Here’s how to go about it:

Jot down your feelings
Let it be a short and sweet note or a romantic poem, just take that pen or that tablet and compile your feelings. It should not happen that you fail to express yourself at all either which way.

Try different modes of expressing yourself
Come on, this is the twitter and Facebook generation. If you are feeling too uncomfortable expressing yourself in a face to face meeting, take another route. A mail, a personalised e-mail will do. But make it a point to give the mail your signature style so that the recipient is able to relate to the message completely. If not a call a text message will do. But do express yourself.
Make sure to write and rewrite what you are going to say when you are going to meet the person you love. Mentally practice on what are you going to say and how are you going to say. Most of the times, it happens that while expressing yourself, you might forget all those phrases, but be prepared to say anything impromptu as well, like an extempore.
Make a confident move
Staying confident throughout the situation helps you a lot. Don’t fumble, just say it and speak up what you gotta say on the occasion.
if you follow the above mentioned steps and work on your personality on a daily basis, we don’t have any doubt that you will not only be wooing girls left and right but also will soon find your dream life partner
cheers! 🙂

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