In a strange case in Saudi Arabia, a man divorced his wife because she spent a lot of money on her weight-loss surgery so that she could look beautiful for her husband, reported the Gulf News.

The husband who was living with his wife in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh often complained to her about her body shape and wanted her to lose some weight. Therefore, when the husband was transferred to Najran in the southwestern part of the kingdom, the wife decided to surprise him upon his arrival by getting a total makeover.

She consulted a medical facility and went through the surgery that cost 80,000 Riyals (Rs 1,400,000 approx).

He was pleasantly surprised to see her new avatar but it soon turned into shock when she told him how much she has spent on it.

Reportedly, the husband had saved the money to buy a new house for the two in west of Riyadh. Eventually, he stopped looking at her and subsequently decided to divorce.

Recently in yet another bizarre case, a husband had reportedly divorced his wife because she was busy on the phone.

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