What’s the one complaint (ok that could well be just a point of view) that you have heard about Aamir Khan? Tabloids are flooded with stories that hint at Aamir Khan’s meticulousness. In fact, some even bitch about Aamir’s interference with the director’s vision. He is not called Mr Perfectionist for nothing. But sometimes, reports claim, that Aamir tends to worry so much about the productions he works in that he meddles with things which don’t fall in his domain. Some even claim that Aamir’s high handedness and ‘creative’ interference can hamper a filmmaker’s vision.

So it was only natural that Karan Johar had to bring this issue up when Aamir appeared on his popular chat show Koffee With Karan (now in it’s fifth season). Aamir explained that had that been the case (that he is adamant on giving his inputs and insists that things must work as per his ideas) all the movies he has worked in would have been just the same. Aamir insists that the fact that every film is different from the other, goes on to prove that he does not interfere. Aamir was such a sport when he answered that one. Aamir also maintained that a film is a director’s vision and he has no intention of interfering in somebody’s vision ( as that would be really unfair he insisted).