Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar, who was released on Diwali, did not blast like the previous movie riots in the case of earning, but it has received widespread praise from critics. According to the content, it was named the best movie of the year. The story of a girl’s struggle, a day after Diwali, went under the direction of Golmaal Again, directed by Rohit Shetty, at the box office. Golmal earns more than Rs 164 crore in the first week of the world, the total earnings of the Secret Superstar till Thursday is only Rs 66.96 crore.

According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar earned a total of $ 3.9 million (about Rs 25.37 crore) in the overseas market till Thursday. The total earnings of the film in the Indian market are 41.59 crores.

Secret superstar’s earnings like this in a week

Secret Superstar was released on Thursday in Diwali last week. On the first day, the movie had earned 4.80 crores. While on Friday 9.25 on Saturday, 8.55 on Saturday, 8.50 on Sunday, 3.05 on Monday, 2.75 on Tuesday, 2.40 on Wednesday and 2.29 million on Thursday.

Backstage Secret Superstar in the box office

Although the story of Aamir Khan-Jaira Wasim, which was well-acquainted with a better story and acting, got a lot of praise, it proved to be a bit weaker in earning. Aamir’s previous movie Dangal had earned on the opening day (30 million), the Secret Superstar got four days to earn that much. This is the worst opening of Aamir’s films in the past few years. Even the Dhobi ambush that was released in 2011 was also close to Rs 2.78 crore of First Day Collection. The Secret Superstar, which was released on Diwali at around 1100 screens in India, earns 4.80 pm, 9.30 Friday, Saturday 8.71, Sunday 8.50 and on Monday 3.05 million rupees.

In this way, the film collected a total collection of Rs 34.36 crore in the Indian market. Overseas also has a collection of up to Rs 20.22 crore till Monday. The film’s budget is being reported between 40-50 million. However, Makers has not disclosed anything about this.

Is failure due to this?

This time Amir missed many places. In reality, this film is about 15 years of insanity and the story of his mother Najma’s struggle for domestic violence. But in the publicity, only the story of Inceia was shown. Some believe that hiding the story of Manisa’s mother during marketing proved fatal to the film. Make a confusion among the people about the story. The release of Diwali also proved to be an impact on the film’s business.

It is believed that in the week of Diwali, the mood of the people is to see a lightly entertaining movie. It was not wrong to release the Secret Superstar this week, it was damaged by a film full of spices like Golmal Again.

Secret superstar may also get scripts due to breakup. One of the major reasons for the film’s weakness at the box office is that the character of Aamir is not as long as it should have been. Jaira has done a lot of good work as much as she expected, but Amir’s presence in the film is the most entertaining. Without damaging the story, Shakti Kumar’s character could have benefited the film in terms of earnings.

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