Yamato Tanooka, who was left in the woods by his parents for being naughty, has been found safe and unharmed by the Japanese military. Six days after being abandoned, Tanooka was discovered in a building at the military base nearly 4 kilometres from where he was left.

The seven-year-old explained to authorities that he “walked through the mountains” till he found the military building. Apparently, one of the doors was open, in which he found a mattress, on which he has been sleeping. He drank water from a nearby faucet.

On Friday morning,a member of Japan’s self-defence forces entered the building in preparation for drills. On seeing the little boy, he asked, “Are you Yamato?”; he received a positive response.

Yamato has been taken to the hospital, where he will be kept overnight for observation. His body temperature is low, apart from which he is healthy, despite surviving for almost a week in the forests, where temperatures dip to 7 degree Celsius and where it had rained. He was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans when he went missing.

The boy’s father,Takayuki Tanooka, told the media the family has reflected on what they have done and agree it’s was an “extreme” step. “We – well, we loved him before, but I hope to give him, even more, attention now.”

Yamato was left in the forest by his parents on May 28 by his parents, who were trying to “teach” him a lesson for “throwing stones at cars”.