Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar were recently spotted holidaying and spending some quality time together with their families. The two actors also praised each other’s recent releases. While Akshay attended Kaabil’s special screening, Hrithik praised Jolly LLB 2 on Twitter. Does their new bonding any indication of a future collaboration for a project? If it is, then we are sure, their fans will not mind seeing these two superstars working together in a film. That will also mean some great box office return. “They have found a great script which is perfect and they both have lead roles,” a source told DNA.

“I am open to doing a two hero film. In fact, I have been approached for one and I am considering it. If there are more actors, I will have to do less work to do in the film, so it’s good for me in a way,” Akshay said in an earlier interview. Hrithik also shared his thoughts on doing a two-hero film. “I am open to the idea. I would love to do a film with another actor friend. In fact, I have had a word with some of my colleagues in the industry. We were discussing and planning to do a two-hero film. So let’s see what happens. It’s only about finding the right script that does justice to both actors, ” the actor was also quoted in the interview.