After a couple of months of shaky peace in the region, Syrian city Aleppo has been plunged back into chaos. More than 202 civilians have died in the past week alone in the airstrikes, raids and mortal bombarding that has happened in both the rebel and government held areas of the city. The Syrian observatory for Human Rights said on Friday that 123 civilians including 18 children have died in the rebel held areas and 71 civilians including 13 children have been killed in the government held areas.

Only Wednesday, a hospital in a rebel held part of Aleppo was bombed killing 27 people including 3 children and 6 staff members, and 20 more were killed in airstrikes the following night. The deadly destruction of life and property in Aleppo comes after a partial truce between warring parties of the Syrian civil war after UN sponsored talks in Geneva seemed to be leading somewhere.

The Syrian civil war started five years ago and has snowballed into a problem that has given the world the European migrant crisis. Powers like US, Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc. are involved in the same with overlapping agenda, supporting one or the other fighting faction. The US is leading a coalition conduction airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against the IS and other extremist groups. It also opposes the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Russia on the other hand is the only steady ally of the President and has been conducting airstrikes targeting rebels.


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