Amazon has introduced a new service called ‘Sell as Individual’. Currently available only in Bengaluru, the service is aimed to allow users sell used goods through Amazon’s platform. Using ‘Sell as Individual,’ users can sell their products locally. Amazon is also offering doorstep pickup and delivery of the used goods that are sold through the platform.

In order to sell a product, users just need to go to the ‘Sell as Individual’ page and fill a form, where they can select the category of the product they wish to sell. Sellers also have to add a photo, price and pickup details of the product.
Once the process is completed, the product will appear on under the used product category, with the price mentioned by the seller. Other customers can shop for it as usual and make a purchase. After the product is purchased, Amazon will send an email to the seller informing that the product is sold and also schedule a pickup.

An Amazon representative will then come to collect the product and ship it to the buyer. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the product and doesn’t want to keep it, it will be returned to the seller. But if the sale is completed, the e-tailer will transfer the money to the seller after deducting a small fee.
The charges deducted are also pretty reasonable. For items under Rs 1,000, the fee is Rs 10; for items up to Rs 5,000 it is Rs 50 and for items of greater value, the fee is Rs 100.
In order to promote the service, Amazon is offering Rs 1,000 as Amazon Pay Balance, if the user is selling five books, video games, music and movies or one smartphone, tablet and laptop.