When YouTuber Cordero Roman discovered that a mere 4 per cent of the world’s total female population considers itself to be beautiful–he was shocked beyond words.

He then decided to test the validity of the statistics and went around asking women one question–in your own personal experience, is it hard being a beautiful person?

To make things more genuine and comfortable for the women, Roman said that he was from California State Beauty and Health Institute and was conducting a quick survey.

Events unfolded as he’d thought and the women were left embarrassed on hearing the question.

Where one exclaimed, “Is that a real question?” yet another was extremely hesitant and said, “I don’t know how to answer that! I wouldn’t say that I am?”

“You’re making me self conscious”, “I don’t want to say it” were some more responses that were recorded during Roman’s interaction with the women.

The women were then asked to go ahead and give advise to those who did not think of themselves to be beautiful–and they did.

“Everyone is beautiful!”, “Validation from other people won’t make you happy”, “Everyone is unique in their own ways”, “You make your own beauty,” said the women and soon realised that they in fact were advising themselves.

What ended as a revelation for many is something all of us experience on a daily basis.

So go ahead, see the video and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

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