Armored vehicles that arrived in India for Iwanka, it would be safeguarded US President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ianka, is coming to India tomorrow. They will join the Global Entrepreneur Summit in Hyderabad from November 28 to 30. Hyderabad Police has deployed 10 thousand jawans to protect the representatives of 150 countries, including Ianka.

Iwanka Trump

If the report of The Hindu is to be believed, then the protection of Ianka will be in three circles. The United States Secret Service (USSS) will strive in the inner circle. While the security of Hyderabad Police will remain in the other two circles.

The biggest thing is that not everyone will be able to get away from Ianka. The list of those who meet them has been prepared. No one other than the names given in the list will get an entry.Ivanka trump

It is currently kept secret that Iwaka will stop at a Hyderabad hotel. According to a senior officer, some five-star hotels have been booked for the stay of Iwanaka.

No one will be allowed to stay on the floor and the floor below which the ewanka will stop on the floor of the hotel. The soldiers will be deployed here.

Security arrangements have been made so much that the vegetables from the vegetables coming in the hotel are being checked.

According to sources, the US Secret Service has sent three armored bulletproof limousine cars to India for the convoy of Ianka. After landing at Shamshabad Airport, they will reach the Westin Hotel by road from these cars.


After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Iwaka will head towards Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC) and go to Falaknuma Palace, famous for dinner at night.

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