Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that Indian forces are ready to deal with any situation. On a one-day Barmer tour, the Defense Minister said at the Northallai Air Force Station of the Western Front that choosing it would not be right to decide which of India was a major threat from Pakistan and China.

He said, ‘I would just say that India is ready to deal with every situation.’ Refusing to comment on the recent statement of the Army Chief, the Defense Minister said that he would not want to comment on the war, in which he said that the country is ready to be ready for war with both the Frontco-Pakistan and China. He said that his priority would be that there was no shortage of military preparations. At the same time, every possible step will be taken to further strengthen the Indian Army.

Rejected CAG’s report

Dismissing the recent CAG report, the Defense Minister said that this is a false fact. It would be unnecessary to discuss this, in which the army had been told to have ammunition for only ten days in the event of war. He said that after assuming office as Defense Minister, he has discussed with senior military officials and experts in this matter.

He said that procurement of arms and resources for the army is a common procedure. They claimed that there is no shortage of arms to the Indian Army.

Military Preparation Top Priority

Sitharaman said that after assuming charge, he has met many rounds with the military officials and experts. After this, the Prime Minister and the National Security Advisor have also met this. He said that military preparations will be their first and top priority and there will be no shortage of resources and weapons for the armies.

Steps to combat terrorism

Army has strong arms In response to another question, Sitharaman said that in Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Government is taking all necessary steps to deal with terrorism in collaboration with the Jammu and Kashmir government. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police also prevented the terrorists from being involved in several accidents. In response to a question related to Pakistan’s proposal to negotiate with the Kashmir issue, the Defense Minister said that the Indian Foreign Ministry has clarified its stand in this matter.

Three army chiefs daily routine Meeting

He said that for military needs and other necessary decisions, he will be rescued by the three army chiefs at 10 a.m. every day. While praising the Northallah Air Force Station, the Defense Minister said that this Air Force Station has won the country on many occasions and history has been very glorious. The needs of the Northern Air Force Station should be completed on priority basis.

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