Popular award-winning artist, Taylor Swift, has a message behind every new album, and this time it surely is something big!

Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, coming out November 10, seems to be about all the backlash that the singer faced from the media and celebrities in 2016. This includes drama involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, Katy Perry and her rumored love interest, Tom Hiddleston.

Three videos that showed a snake striking at the viewer, on her social media accounts were followed by her big announcement. Fans believe that it is a reference to her being called a snake by Kim Kardashian, regarding the famous“Famous” line, in which Kanye West claimed credit for Swift’s fame.

In her new song, Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor seems to have adopted a brand new personality; declaring that the old, cheerful, country-girl Taylor is dead. It promises fiery revenge. Taylor has made subtle references throughout the length of the music video; the pseudo-name she used to write Calvin Harris’ song, ‘This Is What You Came For”, her sitting in a bath full of jewels (which seems to be jab at Kim Kardashian’s infamous robbery in Paris), Taylor portrayed as the Queen of snakes as well as the ‘new’ Taylor killing her old self. She even made a reference to her popular ‘squad’ for which she faced significant backlash.

The new album shows Taylor as never seen before: dead-eyed, cold and stronger than ever. Killing her carefree demeanor, she is boldly calling out to all those who have hampered her ‘reputation.’

There are 15 tracks on Reputation, LWYMMD being the fifth. One popular fan theory believes that the fifteen Taylors seen at the end of the LWYMMD music video represent the 15 tracks on her album. Her first song was released on Thursday and second song, Ready For It, released yesterday.

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