WWE’s eyes certainly got big and full of dollar signs after Brock Lesnar went into UFC 200 and largely dominated Mark Hunt in his first fight in five years. However, those dollar signs quickly transformed into alarms when news broke that Lesnar had been flagged for an out-of-contest USADA test and then flagged again at a test the day of his fight with Hunt in Las Vegas.

This reportedly caused WWE to shift their plans for Brock Lesnar in a big way and rightfully so. He was supposed to be the No. 1 overall pick in the WWE Draft prior to the positive test, but was moved to No. 8 in the wake of it. However, the question still remaining is if WWE plans to suspend Lesnar given that they also just suspended another top guy in Roman Reigns for a Wellness Policy violation.

According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, though, WWE is not going to suspend Brock Lesnar for the USADA test failure.

Though that might seem a bit hypocritical on the surface, it does make some sense. For one, this wasn’t a Wellness Policy violation as the test didn’t happen within WWE. Moreover, Brock Lesnar falls into a sort of loophole in said Wellness Policy that leaves quite a bit of leeway for part-time performers, which Brock qualifies as.

Obviously there still could be some sort of repercussions from WWE, but as of now he won’t be missing any time due to the test failures in the buildup to UFC 200.