Talk about a late Diwali gift that’s totally worth it.

A photo clicked by Ashish Parmar, Bengaluru-based photographer, has been selected by Apple to be featured in the company’s advertisements. A candid shot of his wife, Raina Nanaiah, holding a diya in her hands has made it to the company’s billboards across the globe.

It all started on festival of lights Diwali in 2015, when Parmar took a random picture of his wife in a red saree with purple diya in her hands. He later posted the picture on Instagram with hashtag #ShotOniPhone6S.

Few days later, Parmar, who is a professional wildlife photographer, received a call from technology giant Apple informing him that his picture has been selected for the company’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

Parmar told Indian Express, “They asked if I would like my wife’s photo ‘all over the world’. I was ecstatic. It was too good to be true, on both a personal and a professional level.”

The picture now adorns Apple billboards across the world.
The picture is reportedly one of the 53 photos shot with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus — that have been selected from across the world as part of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6S’ campaign. Parmar happens to be the only Indian to feature on the list.
Ecstatic Parmar wrote on his Facebook page, “We are over-the-moon to be featured and thrilled to put Bangalore on the map again for accomplishments globally,” he added in another post.
Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign features 53 photographs taken by 41 amateur and professional photographers from around the world, reports Time Magazine. Ashish’s photograph is among these and can already be seen plastered across huge billboards.


“It was Diwali and she was helping my mother place diyas around our house. I just came out and saw her walking with a plate full of diyas and it caught my eye… how the light was beautifully falling on her face. Being a photographer and of course, a husband who loves his wife, I just pulled out my phone and asked her if she could just pick one diya and stand by the wall. It was a candid and random shot,” Ashish said.
Now the couple is overjoyed with the response their photo is receiving. Friends across the world have been tagging them in pictures taken around the billboards that feature them.

The two shared their excitement on social media. “The Apple ‘shot on iPhone 6s’ campaign has gone viral today and my phone has not stopped buzzing from morning with interviews for various press and media,” Ashish wrote on Facebook. “We are over-the-moon to be featured and thrilled to put Bangalore on the map again for accomplishments globally,” he said in a different post.

Indeed you have… Take a bow Mr and Mrs Parmar.

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