Logan has proven to be the best there is at what it does when it comes to the best there is at what he does.

In just its third weekend at the box office, Logan is now the highest grossing movie in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine trilogy, surpassing the lifetime totals of both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.

Logan earned $17.5 million in its third weekend, bringing its domestic box office total to $184 million. That leaves X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the second highest grossing film with approximately $180 million. The Wolverine earned $132.5 million.

Logan‘s global total is also the highest of the trilogy at $481 million. The Wolverine is the second-highest grosser in the trilogy worldwide, with approximately $415 million. X-Men Origins: Wolverine earned $373 million worldwide.

Another interesting pattern is that the worldwide box office returns are inverted when compared to each film’s budget. Logan had the smallest budget of the trilogy at $97 million. The Wolverine‘s budget was $120 million. The budget for X-Men Origins: Wolverine was set at $150 million. It goes to show that it take more than just a big budget to make a successful big budget movie.

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