This whole week Brock Lesnar has been the primary focus, from his win at UFC 200 to how many millions he’s going to pocket.

However, his latest issue regarding a potential anti-doping violation could stretch beyond the Octagon, as it could result in The Beast Incarnatemissing his scheduled appearance at WWE SummerSlam.

Lesnar is expected to face The Viper, Randy Orton, who is making his return to the ring, but there’s a chance that this match may not even go ahead. Although the UFC are going to investigate this matter further; it’s a more complicated concern for the WWE.

While we wait on an official statement from the WWE, there’s a huge risk that their biggest draw may be forced to sit out SummerSlam.

The reason being the pay-per-view takes place in New York, and it remains a commissioned state under the jurisdiction of the NYSAC which still regulates professional wrestling – being one of the few.

If the NYSAC decides to uphold the punishment handed down by Nevada State, Lesnar may be ineligible to compete at SummerSlam by law, regardless of the decision the WWE makes.

Legally, the WWE don’t need to suspend anybody for anything as they are a non-sanctioned company, and they handle all of their testing internally.

If something does come up regarding a violation, then they could suspend him for 30 days which is the last thing they need considering they recently suspended Roman Reigns.

To do that, they’ll have to wait and see what the USADA bring up in due course; they may event opt to test Lesnar themselves before making any rash decision on this.

Either Lesnar will come under further scrutiny, or the WWE will be getting free SummerSlam promotion.