Budget 2018: The Modi government, who is being victimized by criticism in the wake of rising unemployment and jobs in the country, can bring new employment policy in the budget to be presented on Thursday. This is the last full budget of the government before the Lok Sabha elections 2019, so the government can make a big announcement on the employment front.

It is noteworthy that when Modi came to power four years ago, the Modi government had said that employment was the main priority and the creation of one crore jobs every year. But the reality is that the government has managed to generate just 1.35 lakh jobs every year. Now all the government policymakers are trying to prove on the basis of the EPF figures that there is a lot of employment being created in the country. According to the United Nations Labor Report, the number of unemployed in India has reached 1.8 crores in 2018.

In view of this, the Modi government will have to take some concrete steps towards speeding up the employment before the next general elections. The government will have to prepare multipurpose employment creation policy and detailed template by interfering and reforms of social, economic and labor policy. There is a complete possibility that the government will do this in the budget.

The Policy Commission worked in this direction and prepared a policy paper this month. Several papers have been given to the government to increase employment in this paper. Some of the key points of this paper are as follows:

1. 45 percent of the country’s population is dependent on 17 percent of GDP, which is increasing at a rate of just 3 percent. On the other hand, 55 percent of the population is dependent on 83 percent of GDP, which is increasing by 9 percent annually (manufacturing and services).

2. In the labor force, only 27 per cent of the women, while 75 per cent male participants.

3. The Center for Economic Development should be an inclusive employment sector.

4. It is a matter of fact that much of the economic growth comes from low-employment areas such as finance, real estate etc. More employment is in low-paid sectors. More than 80 percent of the firm has 50 or fewer employees. India has to make changes in its labor laws so that finance and infrastructure sector can be helped.

5. At present, about 1.23 crore workers are surplus, whereas 60 lakh new workers come every year.

6. There will be an encouragement for fixed-term and higher-paid jobs.

7. The difference in Tech Home Salary and CTC will be the event. Those who are less than 15,000 will have to reduce the portion of the deduction.

8. Emphasizing skill development as well as creating jobs.

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