The case, filed in the court of the chief judicial magistrate (CJM), sought to be made out against Lord Rama is that his conduct showed him wanting in the treatment of women

Bizarre cases in the country’s courts are aplenty and here is one which can figure amongst the weirdest.

A practising lawyer in Bihar has filed a case against Rama for sending his wife Sita out of his house.

Do the names ring a bell…?

Yes, Ramayana.

Lawyer Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh has filed the case against Lord Rama in a court in Sitamarhi in North Bihar and the CJM has agreed to take up the matter for hearing.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the complainant has alleged that Lord Rama had banished Devi Sita to life of exile in the forest without any suitable justification after just listening to accusations by a washerman.

Chandan has alleged that Rama did not think about how a woman could live alone in a forest among wild animals and had banished Sita even after she had sworn an oath in front of the sacred fire.

Chandan has however cleared that his intention is not to hurt the religious sentiments of anybody but to get justice for Sita. He says that until the women from Treta Yug are not given justice, women in kalyug can’t expect a fair treatment.

“The court observed that the matter was far from logic and not maintainable for initiating a case. Even no evidence was produced by the complainant before the bench,” the sources said.

Meanwhile, three separate complaint cases were registered in the court of the CJM against Singh for his “defamatory act”. All the three complainants alleged that Kumar had tried to tarnish the image of Lord Rama.

“It also hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus,” the complainants said in their application submitted to the court. The CJM transferred the matter to another court after admitting cases against Singh under various sections of the IPC.


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