Google today created a Google Doodle on Geminid Meteor Shower. During Geminid Meteor Shower many stars appear on the ground while roasting. Google has demonstrated Gymnid Meteor Shower in 7 extremely superb slides in its doodle (Google Doodle On Geminid Meteor Shower). Every year, we all look forward to seeing the stars of the broken stars. The rain of meteor is called ‘Jaminid meteor shower‘. You have to go to the open place to enjoy this look. To see the breathtaking view of the rain of meteorites in the sky, people will have to go to a dark place open from the dazzle of the city.

It is going to be the best rain of meteors in the sky today. Google has made its doodle this meteoric that is going on today. This colorful fireworks in the sky can be seen from 9 am tonight

No binoculars will be required to see it. Geminid Meteor Shower will start at around 10 o’clock in the night. It is likely to last around two o’clock after the late night. Let me tell you that the meteorite is seen every year in December. This meteorite is due to an asteroid named Phaethon.

Jaminid meteor shower is caused by a 3 miles wide asteroid. This asteroid is known as 3200 Fethon, which, in 523 days, closes closest to Earth. Due to the close proximity to the sun, its temperature reaches 800 degrees and due to its fast passing, one of these substances is released which shows the sky fireworks (Meadow Shower). Generally, all asteroid is made of ice, dust, and stone, but Jaminid Asteroid is made of stone and metal.

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