Under the law to be introduced for this weekend debate in UK House of Lords, children will be barred from joining Facebook and Twitter for children under the age of 13 to avoid exploitation on social media.

According to ‘The Telegraph’, the Government’s Data Protection Bill will legally include that age, in which children will be allowed to create accounts on social media platforms.

This proposal may not have the support of members of the other party. This move came before Home Secretary Ambar Rudd’s meeting with Internet giants officials in America this week.

Children to avoid sexual abuse online

Ms. Rudd has written on Sunday in The Sun that social media veterans should do more work to prevent child sexual abuse. Companies have a moral duty to do more and more work to stop exploitation. He said online technology has made it very easy to find child sexual abuse. I have asked the Internet companies to come forward to deal with child sexual abuse happening online with full urgency.

According to a report, new government statistics show that between 2013 and 2017, law enforcement agencies have been sent and the number of hijra photos identified on the technology company’s servers has increased by 700 percent. According to official statistics, there are more than 400 arrests in the crime of child pornography in the UK every month, and about 500 children are protected from online sexual abuse.

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