After Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin parted ways in 2014 – fans were disappointed, and hearts were broken.

But the couple dealt with the ‘conscious uncoupling’ gracefully.

Recently Paltrow brought Thankgiving cheer by posting a photo showing Chris is seen wrapping his arms around their ten-year-son, Moses, showing the power of reunited love.

The 44-year-old actress, later posted another image thanking all the people in her life – including her ex-husband Chris Martin.

Earlier this month, Chris’s rock band, Coldplay, performed a stellar show in front of an audience of over 80,000 in Mumbai.

But this heartwarming photo was just another reason for the couple’s fans to adore their charm.

In addition to their son, Paltrow and Martin, 39, have a daughter, 12-year-old Apple.

The Coldplay front man and Paltrow announced their plans to split — which they infamously deemed “conscious uncoupling” — in March 2014. The couple finalized their divorce more than two years later in July 2016.

But despite splitting, Paltrow and Martin have made family time a priority. Two days before finalizing their divorce, the couple was spotted enjoying a meal — where Paltrow ate a kale salad and Moses munched on chicken nuggets — in the Hamptons.

While recently appearing at the Airbnb Open conference, Paltrow doted on her children, saying, “I love seeing things through their eyes.”