Christmas was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm around the world this time just like every year. People found innovative ways to impress the Xmas Santa.

These images will help you relive the memories of the 2015 Christmas.


  1. St. Petersburg, Russia
  2. Lavallette, New Jersey
  3. Christmas Eve Mass, Vatican City
  4. Omaha, Neb
  5. The nearly-full moon is seen among Christmas lights at a holiday display Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015, in Lenexa, Kan. When the moon turns full it will be the first full moon to fall on Christmas day since 1977
  6. Queen Elizabeth II recording her Christmas Broadcast
  7. St. Paul Cathedral, Kolkata, India
  8. Bangalore, India
  9. Amritsar, India




(Image Sources: BBC , Sacbee)

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