After all that speculation about Coldplay making it to India or not, we sure as hell did not expect this from a band that has focused on showing the “real” India in their videos of late (read: Hymn for the Weekend).

So, a reliable source has apparently told Mid-Day, “Yes, Coldplay is set to perform in Mumbai on November 19 at the MMRDA and the show is being put together by the Global Citizen Festival run by Chris Martin.”

“The official tickets will go live on Book My Show on September 12 next week and prices start from Rs 25,000 to the highest category tickets at Rs 5 lakh a ticket,” added the source.
According to the report, the event is a charitable one, the intention behind which is to support a noble cause–of removing extreme poverty from the world by 2030. The event will reportedly also feature Jay Z, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, AR Rahman and Deepika Padukone.

Now, we get it–your biggest take-away from this whole charade would be “25 K for the cheapest ticket? What?! Should I break that FD (Fixed Deposit) I started last year? Would puppy eyes work in front my parents yet again?”

Well, we’re having those thoughts too. So are people all over Twitter.

As soon as the news of the band having their first-ever concert in India broke, Twitter has been having quite the hilarious field day.

Mumbai concert rumoured at 25000 INR Are you serious? We’ll need more money to eradicate our poverty after that


For Rs 25000 Chris Martin better go down on me after crooning Fix You solely for me nd later make gobhi ke paranthe for breakfast



I’ll pay 25 k for concert if Chris Martin promises to sing ” Tum To Thehre Pardesi “, the whole 14 minute version


Looks like Coldplay is selling tickets at South Mumbai per sq. ft rate.