The recently released superhero film, Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds uses the iconic song Mera Joota Hai Japani (Shree 420, 1957) in the opening and the closing scenes.

A source close to the film said that director Tim Miller had fallen in love with the song after he had heard it in a pub in New Zealand. “Tim Miller had heard Mera Joota hai Japani in one of the pubs, a long time back. He loved the song so much that it got stuck in his head. He would often hum the tune.”

The source added that the film’s cast too loved the song and wanted it to be included in the film. “When he was directing Deadpool, he thought of using the same Indian song that he had heard in the pub, long back. He made Ryan Reynolds and the crew hear the song, and they loved it instantly. That’s how he decided that the film should start and end with this Bollywood song starring Raj Kapoor,” the source said.


(Hindustan Times)

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