Over a dozen African nationals were mob attacked on Thursday night at in the southern region of Delhi as they passed by in cars or autorickshaws, or returned to their homes in the area. The mobs allegedly beat them with cricket bats and iron rods and threw bricks at them. The police on Friday registered an FIR into the matter.

The violence took place at Rajpur Khurd, close to the Qutub Minar. Few days back, a Congolese teacher was killed in Delhi over an argument with an autorickshaw driver.

The recent, Thursday night’s attacks took place between 10 pm and 11.30 pm, and left at least seven people injured, two of whom have been hospitalised and one of whom had his nose smashed and partially severed with an iron rod. The attacks possibly began after an argument between an African and an autorickshaw driver. However, assistant commissioner of police Jimmy Chiram said police had questioned several people from the area.

ACP Chiram had led a team of 30 policemen accompanied by 10 Africans around the village on Friday afternoon, identifying the attackers’ homes.  He added, several young men from the neighbourhood were picked up for questioning, but none so far has been arrested.

However, Chiram refused to say how many Africans were attacked or how many suspects had been detained.  He said police is collecting statements from the complainants.

The incidents come after several instances of violence against African nationals have come to light in recently. A Tanzanian woman was stripped and attacked in Bengaluru in February, which triggered protests in the city (pictured above). After Masonda Ketanda Olivier’s death in Delhi last week, a Nigerian student was assaulted in Hyderabad.

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