As the winter rises in New Delhi, the mist’s outbreak has started again. On Tuesday morning, the entire Delhi is surrounded by a sheet of mist. The reason for the mist is to make it difficult to see the building like India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, from nearby. The level of pollution has escaped from the danger mark.

Indian Medical Resources wrote a letter to Delhi Government, Indian Medical Association has urged the Delhi government to stop outdoor sports in schools. Morning Walkers also say that this morning is different from the usual morning, it is difficult to see even 50 meters.

The Meteorological Department says that there will be the similar weather for the next three days. In addition to Delhi, Punjab and Haryana may also have such a weather.

In addition to the capital, in the NCR area, the problem of pollution level has also been increased. Air quality index has reached 400 in Noida and Ghaziabad. If the quality of the air does not improve and the situation does not improve then the schools can be closed. If the air quality index level is above 450, then schools may have to shut down for a few days keeping children’s health in mind.

Let us tell you that for the control of pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Supreme Court had banned the sale of crackers in Delhi on this day. Although pollution did not get much to see its impact, Delhi’s air became more polluted in the festival season. In order to control the increased pollution in Delhi, the Delhi Government is once again considering implementing the Ode-Eve.

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