During 26 January Republic Day, a conspiracy to terrorize Delhi was created. A suspect has been arrested from Bhopal centenary near Mathura on Sunday night. On his trail, two people were raided in the hotels in Delhi. In the investigation, it was revealed that both suspects have fled from the hotel one day earlier. Now the Special Cell of the Delhi Police, the UP ATS and the IB are busy looking for the two suspects. The presence of two suspects in Delhi escapes the senses of security agencies.

The 26 January program and Delhi’s Akshardham temple can be a terrorist attack. TT was suspected of the acts of a man going from Bhopal century. TT quickly gave the GRP an iotaala. When GRP interrogated him near Mathura, in his interrogation, he named himself Bilal Ahmed Wani.

Anantnag resident Bilal told that he and his friends are preparing to attack the 26th January in Delhi and Akshardham temple. GRP became conscious after listening to this. He immediately gave it to the UP ATS. UP ATS strictly questioned him so he began to act like crazy.

Three suspects staying in the hotel near Jama Masjid

Bilal Ahmad Wani told the police that he and his two friends had stayed in the Hotel Al Rashid near Delhi’s Jama Masjid. He himself left the hotel and two of his companions still stayed at the hotel. When this information was received, the UP Police informed the Special Cell and IB of the Delhi Police. On January 26, after getting information about the terrorist attack in Delhi, Special Cell and IB team arrived to raid Jamia Masjid Jam Jam guest house and Hotel Al Rashid.

Police escaped before police arrived

Hotel Al Rashid revealed that on January 2, these people had come here and left the hotel on January 6 at 8:30 pm.

The manager of the Hotel Al Rashid of Jama Masjid told the Azhtak correspondent that 3 people came on January 2. These people would go out in the day and come at night. Many times when they used to stay, they used to eat food. Nobody came to meet them and their activities were also normal.

Three bags were brought, but only two

The hotel manager told that the most amazing thing is that he had brought three bags and when he went, he only had two bags. One of them was on the 6th morning at 11:00 am, while the rest of the men left the hotel at around 6:00 in the evening.

Room inquiries and inquiries

The three suspects stayed in Al-Rashid’s double bedroom room number 201. The Special Cell of UP ATS and Delhi Police also questioned hotel staff and searched their room. In addition, the police took CCTV footage attached to the hotel with them.

The names of two suspects named Mudassir Ahmad Vaagay and Mohammed Ashraf are located in Hotel Al Rasid.

In search of these two suspects, the police also raided a hotel in Jamjam near the Jama Masjid. There, Ashraf took two different people named after him to interrogate him, but later he left them.

The sleeping eyes of investigating agencies

The investigating agency is now looking for those two suspects. The investigating agencies have gone to sleep after both of them escaped from the hotel. Before 26 January, a link to the plot to attack Akshardham temple has been taken by the police. But 2 are still absconding. The Special Cell, including the IB ATS, is quickly exploring the IB suspects.

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