The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court is hearing the matter of linking the Aadha with government schemes. At the same time, the Union Ministry of Road Transportation told the court that the plan to link the driving license to the base. Very soon the entire country will be linked to the driving license basis.

The central government informed the Supreme Court that the government is preparing a system named NIC charioteer 4. It will keep a record of driving license holders across the country. All licenses will link to the base. This will also eliminate the problem of furlough licensing.

After the arrival of this system, the details of the traffic violation done by the driver will also be in the central record. It will not be necessary to punch the license.

During the hearing of the case related to road safety, the court was informed that death due to road accidents in the country has come down. In 2017, the death toll is 3 percent less than that of 2016. Court expressed satisfaction over this. Now the next hearing of this case will be in the first week of April.

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