‘First they will stop you, then they will make fun of you then again stop you and when you become successful, they will follow you like sheeps’

Ace wrestler Sangram Singh said at Ludhiana Nutri charge event yesterday to which a packed house roared with claps and cheers.

He further said

“You have to keep trying and moving ahead. Keep running, chasing your goals. If you can’t run, walk. If you cant walk then crawl but never stop. Never give up”

The wrestler, who was on a wheelchair for eight years due to paralysis is an inspiration to millions. He is also a notable name on Indian Television. He has taken part in shows like Bigg Boss and Survivor India along with cult dance show Nach Baliye.

Coming from a very poor family in Haryanaa, Sangram has reached the heights that no other Indian Wrestler has ever seen.

He is very particular about his fitness. In a recent interview he had said,

“For past 16 years, I have been eating post workout only. My fitness regime has helped me heal, and now I look at it as a way of life, so it’s always going to be my priority. No matter what, I make sure I work out twice a day. I don’t sleep for more than six hours a day. If you want to stay fit, you should eat less, work more and go the natural way.”