About 10 years ago, the first Apple iPhone went for sale in the US. On paper, the smartphone was nothing special: as it lacked the 3G connectivity, battery struggled, and the camera was just 2 megapixels which were not acceptable. Even it came with an eye-watering price tag of $499 which was costlier than other phones. Also, the mandatory two-year contract with AT&T, and low-space storage.

Over the years and years, now it has become one of the most-loved smartphones. But what makes these products so popular among people? From their sleek design to their control over the final product, the evolution of Apple’s 10 years have fascinating facts, so we’ve listed facts that you might not know about this smartphone.


* You know what — Apple very first iPhone was never launched in India. It was first launched in the US, and then it went for sale in other countries like UK, Germany, and France. The first iPhone launched in India was the Apple iPhone 3G in August 2008. In the beginning, Apple iPhone 3G was bundled with Vodafone & Airtel in India.

* Crazy about Apple’s App Store? But the renowned App Store was not there when the first iPhone launched in 2007. Plus, it was the first place where people legally download an app.

* In Mid-2016, Apple’s iPhone sales cross the 1-billion mark — a figure which is almost equivalent to seventh of world’s population. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook reported that the company achieving this massive milestone at an employee meeting in Cupertino. Apple’s iPhone is truly a foremost part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day.

* Guess what? The retina screen is the most expensive part of Apple’s iPhone, on the basis of abundant teardowns. This is why the legend of iPhone is as fascinating as you can imagine.

* Several useful features such as Mobile Payment System, Touch ID first arrived on Apple’s iPhone.

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