26-year old popular TV actress Anchal Khurana recently got a cardiac arrest and has been hospitalized. Anchal is admitted to a hospital in Delhi and recovering.

While talking to an online entertainment portal, Anchal told what happened. The actress’ heart got numb and she was taken to the doctor. At the hospital, her pulse rate went high and she became pale.
Anchal started throwing up and her eyes rolled up too and her family panicked.

She was admitted quickly and was told about her getting a minor cardiac arrest. Anchal is recovering and will be spending time with her family in Delhi till she gets all fine.

According to DNA, Aanchal, who was last seen in t he soap Meri Saasu Maa, suffered a minor cardiac arrest and is now said to be stable.

It happened five days back. All of a sudden, my heart got numb and I started feeling weak. Hence, I went to the doctor who advised me to get admitted in the hospital immediately. In just few moments, my pulse rate went up to 180-190 leaving my body pale and dead. I started vomiting and my eyes also rolled up. Doctors were shocked seeing my condition. My parents panicked and burst into tears as for a moment everyone thought that I will be dead.

Aanchal Khurana, TV actor

Aanchal, however, is now on her way to recovery.

It was God’s grace that my health became normal. Later, I was informed that I suffered a minor cardiac arrest. I am still recuperating at the hospital. Luckily, I was in Delhi with my parents. I will never forget the day as I had a close brush with death. Pray and wish me good health.