If you travel by Delhi Metro, get ready to spend more. Yes, the fares of the Delhi Metro are increasing since today. In the matter of hike in the fares of the Metro, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) board has refused to intervene, after which the route for the hike has been cleared. This will be the second hike within a year of Delhi Metro fares.

Before the first phase of enlarged rent was imposed, the minimum cost of the Metro was Rs 8, which has now become ten rupees. While the maximum fare was 30 rupees, which was made in 50 rupees in May and now it is 60 rupees after 3 October.

Now will be rent –

2 kms – 10 rupees

2-5kms – 20k

5-12 km -30

12-21 kilometers -40

21-32 kilometers-50

More than 31 km – maximum Rs 60

Sources said that the DMRC board meeting also rejected the proposal of the Rental Committee of the Delhi Government. The Board said that the board does not have any legal right to intervene or make changes in the FFC’s recommendations.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in his tweet, “There are five directors of the Delhi government, among the 16 directors who have opposed it. However, the center showed a stubborn attitude. This increase is quite unfair. The Center should have taken more care of the common man. ”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also tweeted, “The BJP government is firm on increasing the rent. Five members of the Delhi government protested, but 11 members of the central government rejected the Delhi government’s proposal to hike rent. ”

Prior to this, Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri, while advocating Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal not to do politics in metro rail fare hike, said that the suggestions given to stop the proposed increase in rent are not lawful.

Puri, in a reply to the Kejriwal letter written on Monday, to avoid the proposal to increase the rent, in the metro operation loss, the central and half share of the state and the suggestion of handing over the metro operations to the Delhi government factually incorrect. Puri rejected these suggestions on the grounds of not being allowed under the existing law, although he had asked the DMRC Board Chairman DS Mishra to finalize the request on Arvind Kejriwal’s request to avoid the proposal to increase the rent. Asked to call.

Due to the deadline to implement the proposed fare hike on the recommendation of the rent assessment committee of the Metro, due to October 10, Mishra convened a meeting of the DMRC Board on Monday evening in the request of Puri.

Earlier, Kejriwal had told the central government in a letter that instead of raising the fares of the metro, the Delhi Government is ready to help in compensating the loss. Kejriwal had said that if the central government extends help, then the Delhi government is ready to give it 1500 crores for this.

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