Driving a Formula One car is no mean feat and a F1 driver knows the risks involved every time he gets behind the wheel. However, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton probably had his scariest moment when he came face to face with a tiger after his win at the Mexican Grand Prix.
The British driver was filmed during a visit to a big cat enclosure in Mexico City, while he was there to take part in the Mexican Grand Prix, which he won to keep his championship hopes alive.

Hamilton posted a video on his Instagram account which showed a female tiger pounce towards the three-time F1 champion.

The 31-year-old looked a bit stunned and backtracked as soon as the tiger stood up on her two hind legs and and jumped on him.

Initially, taken aback a little, Hamilton managed to keep his cool as the tiger showed his cute side by rolling around on the ground.

All fun and games to the marvelous beast, the tiger played with her new playmate and Hamilton too seemed to get more comfortable as time passed.