Recent reports suggested that the social media giant Facebook has integrated a feature that allows users to post videos on the comments section and share 360-degree images on the network.

This will allow Android, web and iOS users to reply to comments with videos. This feature applies to all posts by people and pages, and other member groups. In addition to this feature, the company has also introduced another feature for sharing 360-degree photos on the network.

A user can capture a 360-degree image using their device and subsequently share them on Facebook, which can be better examined using a Gear VR or other headsets in the marker.

Other than the videos and 360-degree features, Facebook is also working on an SMS support feature in its messenger division, according to reports.

According to an Android Police report, the SMS support feature that was being tested in the Facebook Messenger is back again in the last beta test for Messenger.

However, the revived feature is a little different from the initial one that appeared on earlier. This time around, users of the latest beta version of the Messenger app will have to make it the default SMS application on the devices.

On Android devices, the user has to go to the settings menu and enable messenger as the default SMS app. Folks who are using the Beta version of the app will get SMS conversations in the purple background instead of the regular blue one.