It came as a shock in January 2016 when Bollywood actor-director-singer Farhan Akhtar announced that he and his wife Adhuna plan to go separate ways after 15 years of marriage. Now, almost 18 months after the announcement, a Bandra family court reportedly granted divorce to the former couple on Monday.

A Mid Day report claimed on Tuesday that principal judge MM Thakare granted the bail to Adhuna and Farhan at aa Bandra family court. “The divorce by mutual consent was allowed… by the family court in Bandra,” Farhan’s lawyer Fazaa Shroff-Garg told the tabloid.

Hairstylist Adhuna Bhabani got the custody of their two daughters Shakya and Akira, while Farhan has access to the kids whenever he wants, the report added.

Farhan and Adhuna had their first counselling session on November 15 2016, after filing for divorce on October 19.

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