The world is not, by and large, a very forgiving world. Time and again, we are reminded of our incapabilities, in one way or another.

While this takes an average grown up years to overcome and rebuild one’s self-esteem, the innocence of being a child gets lost in the process.

However 5-year-old Rudra Pratap is least bothered about any of that as he takes guard in a Ranji Trophy match. It’ll be years before Rudra even realizes the magnanimity of his feat.

While the world was busy tearing itself to pieces, 5-year-old Rudra Pratap went on to make his Ranji Trophy debut for Delhi.

That was 2 years ago, when the match was live telecast on DD Sports.

However, the video of Rudra Pratap taking guard on the pitch and facing bowlers almost thrice his age is now going viral all over again.

And looking at the little genius play, we’re glad this video is going viral again.