Food for Thought: Undoubtedly, as Indians, the first love is food. Especially, India is one of the specific culturally diverse country where each state has his own set of cuisine. There are a huge variety of food options in India. Today, we’re discussing Indian Snacks. A few of the Indian snacks are not just healthier (due to homemade) but also exquisite and wholesome. One such all-time favorite snack is the ‘Murukku’.

We all agreed, Snack can make or break the diet. It’s all about timing and choosing the right snack. If you snacking sensibly, then it might help keep hunger at bay and fills you adequately every day. Anyway, let’s back to the ‘Murukku’, one of the traditional snack that comes from South India. Basically, it is a tea-time snack which provides a perfect combination to eat.

Murukku is made from rice flour/urad dal flour and prepared with salt as well as some selective spices. The rice flour/urad dal flour is then kneaded and made into concentric circles, and later on deep fried. This snack looks like golden-brown and has crunchy while eating. If you’re wondering why it is called Murukku? then the terms Murukku came from the Tamilian language, practically means “to twist”. That’s because the spiral shape of Murukku does look like a long roll of dough which twists numerous times.

Anything more? The spices which have been used for Murukku includes — salt, cumin powder, asafoetida powder, and if needed, red chili powder. Murukku uses selective spices, as it is set to be a light non-spicy snack.

Lastly, the most important, flavors and types — Life is nothing and gets dull, if we do not add some flavor into it. So the Tamilians thought, something considerable. And they introduced some different flavors, styles, and designs of this traditional Murukku.

* Besan Murukku

* Butter Murukku, also called as Vennai Murukku

* Coconut Murukku, also called as Thengai Paal Murukku

* Garlic Murukku, also called as Poondu Murukku

* Onion Murukku, the all-time favorite snack

* Ribbon Murukku, shaped like a Ribbon

* Ring Murukku, shaped like a Ring

* Wheat Murukku, also called as Godhumai Murukku

Murukku requires a better skill, a time, and enough patience. And making the perfect shape, size and texture take a lifetime to a master. But the best part is all the ingredients are available within the space of our Indian kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Start a day with one of your favorite Murukku.

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