As good as Twitter is, there are lots of people who use and abuse it to the point of absurdity. Sadly enough, another troll comes out, and no wonder Jwala Gutta once again. This badminton sensation has been trolled by a stranger who has termed her “Anti-Modi” due to her “Chinese Mother”.

The random user’s logic was pathetically bad — he tried to take a dig at the Arjuna awardee’s mother Yelan Gutta stating, “Is it because your mother is from China that’s why you oppose MODI every time ?”.



If you haven’t known anything, Jwala Gutta has a Chinese-Indian lineage, and Yelan Gutta (her mother) born in Tianjin, China marrying Kranti Gutta (her dad) from Hyderabad.

With the hot topic of Chinese incursions, the random user tried to get leverage with a trolling post, but Furious Jwala is not the one who gives up, she hit back brilliantly “warning the user to think twice before a talk.



A little chat, in fact, turned into a heated argument.








He didn’t stop here,







Whatsoever it is, Furious Jwala was in no mood to take shit like this,


He kept going, “If Modi Govt is not working for the betterment of badminton/sports, convey it to Govt they’ll definitely work on it”.


But finally, she managed to shut down,


Now Hats off, what a daring comeback, Jwala.

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