Today, on September 19, Apple has released an iOS 11 update on its device across the world. These updates have also been made available to the users of India. Every country will get updates from time to time. An update is approximately 2.03GB, so wi-fi will be better used.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you will get this update. But for this, you should make some preparation. Because iOS 11 is a big update and it will replace your device.

How to get ios

The best way is to go to settings and click on General. Tap on software updates from here Updates can be seen from here.The other way is to connect your iPhone and iPad to a computer and set up iTunes. Here you will get the option to update.

Which devices will get iOS 11 updates?

iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPod Touch 6th, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus,

IOS 11 update will not be available in these devices

iPhone 11, iPhone 5C, and iPad 4 will not get iOS 11 updates

Do not forget to backup

Make a backup of your device before updating. It can be made on computer or iCloud. If something goes wrong and the data is over you will not have to worry. To back up, go to Settings and click on iCloud where you can click here to get the backup option.

Be ready for the end of 32-bit applications.

With iOS 11, 32-bit applications on your iPhone and iPad will stop running. If you still use a 32-bit app on your iPhone, then you will now have a second option.

To check if your iPhone has a 32-bit app, you can go to the app by clicking on the options About option. Here you will find a list of apps from which you can find out.

Now, let’s know what changes will happen on your iPhone or iPad after updating the iOS 11.

iOS 11 – Apple has introduced the new operating system iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad during the World Wide Developer Conference. There are a number of changes in it, something you might like and probably may not like.

Camera and photo feature

Now live photos have been better than ever. Now cut off the best shot from the live photo and use it as the main photo. Portrait mode image can be improved even with optical image stabilization. The new option loop and the bounce effect are connected which will make photos interesting. After the most special, the company has introduced a new technology, High Official Image Format. This will reduce the size of photos clicked on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Money can be sent through SMS

Now Apple users can send money to each other via Apple Pay. There will be a new option in the message which will have to be serviced. Money can also be paid by speaking to Siri. Users can use the money sent to make purchases in stores or if they want to transfer them to their bank account.

Do Not Disturb While Running a Car

There is also a great work feature with iOS11. To make driving safer is a feature of Do Not Disturb Wheel Driving. If you are driving a car then the iPhone will detect it and it will darken the phone’s screen. Not only this, you will not see any notifications. An auto-reply option will be enabled so that the sender and the caller will know that you are driving. If you finish driving, the notifications found during driving will appear in one place.

New control center

Control center will now be completely replaced with iOS 11. There will be more options than before. Use 3D Touch to get more information than ever before.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Now developers will be able to bring new tools for High Quality Augmented Reality Experience in iPhone and iPad Camera. During the event, the company told about a dogmatic reality experiments through an interesting war demonstration which brought great applause.

Serie is now better and more beneficial than before

The company has reported that Serie is the world’s most popular personal assistant, which is used in 375 million active devices worldwide. The users who use them are in 36 countries. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been further enhanced in series so that the series can be more comfortable with your talk. The special thing is that now there will be fluctuations in serials.

Apart from all these major changes, these small changes can be beneficial for you too.

The app store has been completely replaced. Look and feel new.

Apple Maps now also receives information about the floor plans of moles

Apple Music has been better than ever. Subscribers can now make friends by making a music profile.

Changes have also been made in Apple News. Now readers will be able to personalize the story.

Typing in iPhone with One Hand Keyboard Mode can be easier than ever. The new QuickType keyboard has been edited, it’s for the iPad that has been brought to make it special.

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