Google has launched News Feed, the world’s largest search engine. It has been introduced for both Android and iOS. This feed will appear on Google’s official app, which is already available on Android.

Topics will be shown in this new Google feed based on your search history. In these news feeds, mainly articles, videos, and other content will be found. Google’s first news preview was shown in December.

If you’ve used Google App, then you might have noticed that the Google Now cards appear below the search bar. There are details like weather, traffic information, and scores. But now you will see a news feed here.

It is worth noting that Google tried to compete with Facebook via social media Google Plus. But that did not happen and in the current round of the social media market, Google has failed. In such a way, Google’s move, which seems to be more inspires than Facebook, can be considered to counter the social media.

Although Google has made it clear that it is not inspired from Facebook.

Ben Gomes, Vice President of Google Engineering has said, ‘This feed is about your interest. It has not been made on the basis of your friends ‘interest’

According to Google, this change in Google App will be visible to American users at the moment. In other countries, this update will be available from next week.

How Google Feed Will Work

You will be shown content in this feed based on your search history in Google Chrome. Your links will also be found here, which will be collected from the history of Google, YouTube and Google Calendar.

In the coming time, this Google Feed can also be advertised. But Google has not said anything about it right now. This Google feed is also being viewed as an extension of Google Now.

Before Google, Google launched Google Now. Through this, users are given information throughout the day.

The biggest difference between Facebook news feeds and Google feeds will be that the links posted by most users on Facebook are visible. But here you will see search history based links from Google’s algorithm.

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