Last day of 2018 today. Today, the world is celebrated as the New Year’s Eve and at the clock, the New Year is greeted with pomp. Google has today dedicated its Doodle New Year Eve to the search engine. Even before that, Google has made special occasion a doodle on many important occasions other than birthday celebrities, but today’s Google Doodle is the last doodle of this year and Google has tried to make it very special. 

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Google has shown children of two animated elephants in their doodles who are waiting for new year reception with balloons and popcorns. There is a clock in this doodle which is showing the time of 11:55 pm. Both the elephants present in the doodle are being able to enjoy the new year’s Eve. While an elephant is playing with a balloon from its whisper, the other elephant is happily tossing popcorn in the air. These blue elephants look very cute 

Worldwide New Year’s Eve and New Year are celebrated with great joy. At twelve o’clock in the night, many countries in the world wake up with sky fireworks. Let’s say that 24 different New Years are welcomed worldwide due to different time zones.

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