In a recent attack on his old employer, James Damore said that the technology giant discriminates on the basis of ethnic group and gender in its recruitment processes. Damore was an engineer in Google, who has been fired from a job that has criticized the company’s various efforts.

Damore said at CNBC’s TV show Closing Bell on Monday that ‘Google discriminates on people based on ethnic group and gender’.

Damore said, “The company is pressurizing the various managers to increase diversity and to determine which employees are promoted, it decides on the basis of ethnic group or gender.”

He also said that he will take “legal action” against the company against his removal. Earlier this week, Damore had called his former workplace a ‘cult’.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Damore said, “Google is a Cult and the biggest identity of those working there is that they work in Google. Therefore, they are unable to speak openly in the pressure of this great identity of the company. There is an attempt to silence the open and honest discussion. ‘

He wrote, ‘How did the company, which employs the best people in the world, became intolerant towards ideologically motivated and scientific debate?’

Last week, the CEO of Google’s Indian-origin, Sundar Pichai, gave a coding program for women in the vast area of ​​the company located in Mountain View, California, in the wake of the difference of opinion between women and men in the software engineering unit by Damore. Was addressed. Pichai told women working in the company, ‘Google is for you. You are here and we need you. ‘

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