Google has announced the sale of Smart Displays in its annual developer conference I / O 2018. During this time Demonstrations were also shown. It’s a Google Assist-based smart display with a speaker. You can call it the second version of Smart Speaker. It was shown during computer electronic show 2018 and now its sale will be in July.

For this, Google has partnered with LG, Lenovo, Sony, and JBL. Significantly, Amazon has an Echo Show speaker that has a display and it can compete with the new speaker Echo Show. Since Google has partnered with many companies for this, its availability will be high.

In this display, you can watch YouTube TV, which is Google’s Over the Top Live TV service. Apart from this, the speaker is a Google Assistant, that is, you can do the job that is possible from Google Home. At the moment it is not clear which company first launches it in the market. Obviously, Google has also provided YouTube service in it.

Let us know that Google has removed YouTube’s support from Amazon’s products, and that’s why news is now Amazon is preparing to bring a new platform for video services in their products. There will be no information about when this smartly developed smartphone will be available by Google in India.

Google has announced a change in its annual developer conference Google Assistant. There are three new changes in this. Apart from this, some features have been added to Google Maps, which helps in navigation. Under this feature, users are told to easily navigate the navigation while using the camera.

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